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Hi, I am Arun Sarkar. Students and young adults are whom I mainly deal with and have the best understanding about as counselling them on identifying their skills and weaknesses and designing a suitable future path based on that is my passion. Have started BrainMagic to help as many students as possible across many locations to get the benefits of these services.


Arun Sarkar is the Founder and Chief Psychological Counsellor of BrainMagic (An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company) in Kolkata, engaged in education and career counselling. Through his work, Arun Sarkar professes that every child is a born Genius. The distressing part is that their Genius is never discovered and 98% talents of human beings are left untapped and they are criminally wasted. The best suited stream of education, choice of career or profession and even the department of work are selected based on other dominant and influential factors rather than the inborn strengths, talents and potential of the person. Till the recent past, there was no technique of identifying these aspects. Now, with the scientific study of each person's fingerprints, thinking process, handwriting it has become possible to identify all these factors about a person at any age. BrainMagic is an organization founded by him and based in Kolkata, India and is currently providing such guidance/counselling services across India and in some other countries too. Arun Sarkar along with his complete BrainMagic(An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company) team in Kolkata and adjoining areas is working towards helping every parent know their child better and nurture them accordingly, rather than forcing them to be replicas of themselves.

Work Experience

April 2014 - Present | Eastern India

FOUNDER, BrainMagic, Kolkata, India.
Consultant Psychologist(specialized in child & adolescent counselling)

Trainer of other Counsellors on modern psychological tools & counselling

Chief Fingerprint Analyst

Developer of all Psychometric Assessment tools

Chief Graphologist and Graphotherapist

Counselling Individuals on their inborn life skills and helping them to know themselves from within.


2010 - Present | Eastern India

Right Brain Learning Workshops at BrainMagic

Arun Sarkar has been conducting workshops for school/college students and professionals on benefits of right brain learning using Mnemonics so that they can attain a magnetic memory and make "Forgetting Difficult"


December 1991 - August 2008 | Kolkata

High School Teacher at S. D. Nopany Vidyalay

Teaching high school boys from classes 9 to 12. Involved in basic counselling of students with problems of behaviour and studies.



Counselling Psychology

St. Xavier's School/College, Kolkata
MA in Psychology

Activities: The understanding of a person by relating to them through inter-personal communication was the scope of Psychology but that became wonderfully stronger when the association happened with the study of Fingerprints. The concept of understanding a person became complete by using both inside out and outside in concepts. Very often Relationship Compatibilty is a very misunderstood phrase by parents as they fail to understand that it is of vital importance to have a healthy and fruitful parent/child relation. Fingerprint analysis in Kolkata which is commonly known as DMIT in Kolkata can help parents overcome all their concerns.



Life Member

Indian School Psychology Association

This association is based in Puducherry and conducts several workshops and seminars across India for school teachers to help them understand their students better. After all with the advent of the digital age and internet learning concepts and behavioral issues have changed drastically. Teachers are encouraged to use modern innovative tools to help their students in the modern age rather use age old practices that were prevalent decades back.



Interest & Activities

Counselling children and adults on how to nurture their strengths to be successful and live a stress free life. In love with the mountains, Arun Sarkar escapes for trekking expeditions with his team of amateur trekkers that include his wife, Debjani and daughter, Pratiti to far flung areas of the Himalayas where the general tourist seldom dare. It helps to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul and also reinvent a person from within.


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